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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  March 18, 2013 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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republicans all right plotting their strategy to take over the white house in 2016. a report out serves as a road map for how the party will move forward. the rnc plans to make easier the nominees by cutting down the number of presidential debates. it will spend up to $10 million to connect with latino americans, arabian americans, lbgt and to end the perception that the gop is a party of old rich men. >> focus groups described our party as narrow-minded. out of touch. and, quote, stuffy old men. >> the perception that we're the party of the rich, unfortunately continues to grow. that's frustrating. because we care about every voter. >> but the gop split was on display at cpac this weekend with prominent conservatives unable to agree on whether the republican party needs to change its ways.
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>> let's be clear about one thing, we're not here to rebrand the party. we're here to rebuild a country. >> way too many people believe republicans are anti-ingrants. anti-women. anti-science, anti-gay, anti-worker and the list goes on and on and on. >> for the last three weeks, conservatives have been winning. >> the gop of old has grown stale and moss-covered. i don't think we need to name many names. >> i want to bring in washington bureau chief of the chicago sun-times, lynn sweet, as well as as politics reporter jackie kucinich. we'll start with you, one of the first recommendations in this report, almost 100 pages, it says, quote, the perception that the gop does not care about people is doing great harm to the party and its candidates on
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the federal level, especially in presidential years. it is a major deficiency that must be addressed. end quote. so, lynn, after reading this and hearing this do you think this new rnc plan is going to help? >> well, some of the structural changes that the chairman is proposing may help, especially having a shorter primarien is and cutting almost some 20 debates you in the 1220 psych until half. to 10, maybe 12. that will help structurally. they want to put a lot of money in digital technology going into it. but you can't denies the policies as well as the technology that go into some of the parties that the republican party has. you could have rand paul and senator cruz, other senator, luminaries talk about who's not with the party. and sending field reps there to work for weeks but they have to have policies that will be responsive, as well as the ground game, net game and money game. >> along with policies there's a
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communication thereof. and jackie, the first question to the rnc chair this morning was is this a communications problem? or a problem with policies of the republican party? and here's what he said. >> i think our policies are sound. but i think that, many ways, the way that we communicate can be a real problem. it's not about altering our principles. i think it's about the way we communicate and the way we welcome people into our party. >> welcoming and communicating. is that an accurate assessment here do you think? >> well, i think that one thing is important to say, and you illustrated it a little bit in those clips. the rnc has this plan out there now, you do have some people, a lot of people in the republican party that don't necessarily agree with the rnc. moving up that convention is going to upset some of the activists in the party who like the fact that this was a longer process. that they were able to get more candidates that were to be vetted for the presidency. now mitt romney of course a
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couple weeks ago said the longer primary process hurt him. but again, i think this is very much the establishment in washington, it's going to be interesting to see how this plays, going out into states. or maybe the center of gravity isn't necessarily with the rnc. >> good point. some of that divergence that we saw over the weekend clearly at cpac. another report is that america looks different. that the rnc is going to spend millions of dollars, $10 million to reach out to latino americans, asian voters and here's what steve latourette said. take a listen. >> if we ever want to be a national party, we have to look like america. today, we look like a bunch of white guys from below the mason/dixon line. >> so how do they change the reputation of a party of stuffy white men as has been said, as
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the report describes it when candidates when chosen are often white men? >> well, it's not just the candidates. it's the workers, it's the convention. you go to the republican national convention it looks entirely different than the democratic convention that looks truly like all the rainbow of america at it. one of the things that it can change just by having more workers go to cities and states. and states, by the way, do a pretty good job with republicans because we have 30 republican governors. and just get to know the people better. that report you're talking about highlighted how well the obama campaign did because they had workers in the swing states that practically had been living there since the 2008 campaign. >> and that perhaps is why we saw at cpac a wider diversity of types of faces speaking. 17 latinos, for instance that were on the rolls this time around. jackie, mitt romney only won 27% of the hispanic vote this time around.
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he lost the african-american vote and also asian americans in that round. now, in order to see a real change here, are republicans going to have to do more than stop using the language for, example, self-deportation which was used a couple times? and embrace really a wide-reaching immigration reform policy here? >> i think that's what you saw in part on this report. that was really the only policy area the report covered was immigration reform. they're also going to start pushing out their stars that are more diverse. i mean, they've already started doing it with people like marco rubio. senator scott from south carolina. they're going to try to get a lot of these leaders who aren't necessarily the stereotypical republican party that they want to get away with. they're going to start pushing these leaders out to show they do diversity within the party. >> jackie, stand by for a second. i want to bring in the communications director for the rnc. thanks for being here with us. >> thanks for having me.
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>> moving up the calendar, cutting the number of debates, changing strategies on attacks. the least what we've seen. but is it more the position that's candidates have on the issues? >> well, candidate obviously matter and the way they articulate those positions matters. what we've got to do as a party, put together the mechanism and infrastructure so our candidates can run. as you pointed out the way we community those things and the number of people and the diversity of people that we communicate matter. so we've got to reach out more. we've got to do so in a way that resonates with people and that's how we've got to move forward. >> now shg, reince priebus very forward in the report. do you agree with that assessment? >> i don't think we're the stuffy old men. i think i'm a fairly young vibrant guy. but i think at the end of the day, it really -- you know, look, perception matters.
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and if that's what the american people and the voters, in particular, republican voters think of our own party, then frankly what i think and chairman priebus thinks isn't so important as what we do to change our perception. this report details the work and input of 52,000 people from around the country. so if those perceptions are what they're communicating to us then it matters and it's something that we have to address and change. >> well, in the report, it mentions latinos, for instance, some 100 times. african-americans as well, 73 times. what do you need to do? change the faces here to reflect more of what america is, basically what jackie was eluding to here? bringing in more diverse faces? >> absolutely. we've built up the number of folks doing quote/unquote outreach at the national headquarters. $10 million to deploy staff in the communities throughout the country is. so we're talking about building
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relationships in latino communities and african-american communities and asian and pacific communities. so the first time that they hear from us isn't days or weeks before an election. that they've got ton know some folks, they've seen familiar faces that share their principles that talk about how our policies impact their families. and i think that's something is that we're committed to doing. and that the chairman launched today. >> you talk about faces and getting in early. the report talked about young republicans. it says on messaging we must change our tone, especially on certain social issues that are turning off young voters. in every session with young voters social issues were at the forefront of the discussion. many see them as the civil rights issues of our time. we must be a party that is welcoming and inconclusive for all voters. sean, put ago side how candidates look, does that mean you'll look for candidates that are more accepting for things like same-sex marriage? >> no, what it means and this is
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something that ronald reagan said in practice, which means my 80% sfrend not my 20% enemy. the principles are sound. is this not a question of how do we change the party or the principles. what it is, it's saying we as a party, if we want to grow and we want to win and govern again, at the presidential level, we've got to look at times and said, hey, you may not agree eye us on every single issue that the party has put out there, but we're willing to include you in the party as long as you understand. >> doesn't this conflict with some of the messaging we've heard from cpac over the weekend, though? >> there are personal some speakers at cpac who don't believe otherwise. i would argue while cpac does represent a good amount of people that believe in the republican party. cpac is not the republican party and the republican party is not cpac. so i appreciate all the work they do out there. but that's one part of the party. i's a great part of the party. but, you know, we're not synonymous. >> and as the first word of the report says, the gop is a tale
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of two parties. we'll see how that goes. sean spicer, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> let's bring back lynn as well as jackie. first you, lynn, what's your thought in the way sean spicer described what this meant and where the party needs to go going forward. and really trying to distance themselves from what was said during cpac? >> i think what the important take-away for me what chairman priebus is trying to do is take the old out of the grand old party. and just make it more forward looking and cpac doesn't peek for all republicans. no more than the progressive organizations on the democratic side speak for all democrats. you know, the rnc has to be that big tent. everything sean spicer said, i don't think you're stuffy, sean, yes -- >> i think he heard you. >> yes, i think there's an echo chamber. >> yeah. >> i just think it seems everything that priebus laid out in this report is what you do when you've learned the lessons
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of taking a pretty bad loss in 2012. >> jackie, you know, the cpac straw poll, we had senator rand paul, 25%. marco rubio just a couple points behind him. rick santorum at 8:00%. chris christie, 7%. he didn't speak there. was the filibuster that rand paul, that he pulled off, did that elevate him and his name and his brand here? >> absolutely. absolutely. i mean, rand paul was expected to win this straw poll. his father had won it two years -- two years in a row but the filibuster, the 13-hour filibuster he did two weeks ago really brought him into his own. it was over the drone strikes. there's a certain libertarian faction of the republican party that have really embraced him in his own right now. we'll see another rand paul sweep, who nose. >> lynn, we have cpac over the weekend, has the republican party reached that come to jesus
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moment and this will be a clear turning point? >> well, i think the turning point was in november when they realized how terrible they did with major population voting segments in america. i think priebus is positioning this as the new start, fresh beginning reergs set button. >> right. >> and i think once they start spending that money to try and rebuild the organization, sure, if you want to date it, you could date it from this weekend, absolutely, richard. >> it's on paper. we'll see what happens is what you're saying. thanks lynn sweet, as well as jackie kucinich. developing now, we just learned next hour president obama is expected to nominate tom perez to be his next labor secretary. perez heading up the justice department civil rights position. and will take on a prominent role has the president looks to raise the minimum wage. his nomination is expected to face a tough fight from republicans. coming up, a live report from the white house. and i knew he'd feel better if he lost a little weight.
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and developing now, the supreme court is hearing arguments over critical case that could influence voting laws across the country. they're considering an arizona law that tries to keep undocumented immigrants from voting. the voter-approved proposition 200 requires all state residents that they show proof of u.s. citizenship before registering to vote. a federal appeals court blocked that provision saying it violated federal voting laws. four other states, alabama, georgia, kansas and tennessee have similar voter registration requirements. and another 12 states are considering such legislation. i'm joined by congressman raul grathala, a congressman from arizona. lawyers from arizona are asking to reinstate that 2004 law requiring residents to show one of the following, a driver's license issued after 1996.
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a birth certificate or a passport. now, supporters are saying that current law isn't strong enough, only require aring one to promise basically under oath that they are a u.s. citizen. what's your thought about this? >> well, you know, and all this after i think after associated press found numerous investigations into the charge that undocumented people will voting. that were ineligible to vote were voting and they found only a miniscule traction of votering were voting by right of not being eligible. proposition 200 that the appeals court found the major portion, the citizen requirement to be unconstitutional is now being appealed to the supreme court. and the problem here is, and i thinks a pattern. and the press is dent that approving this proposition would have across the nation is unbelievable. the solicitor general himself
7:21 am
said, look, if this passes, then states will be open to making additional requirements, complicated requirements. documentation requirements. in order for a person to be eligible to vote. this is like part of the pattern. the organizer of that effort in arizona said this is to keep illegal immigrants from voting. the intent, maybe. the reality, that's not happening. and so this is a law whose intentions i think are elsewhere. and that's about voter suppression. that's about confronting this change of demography in this country that are showing political muscle across the nation. and now what do we do to suppress that vote, minimize that vote and marginalize that message. >> congressman, six states they filed a report saying the federal government works and in law with the law.
7:22 am
they also say it's designed to protect the electoral process for eligible citizens to what you're saying there. so the question i guess that's how there for the supreme court, does this represent a conflict? or does it, rather, show that it works in concert with current federal law, with current federal requirements? what's your thought about that? >> well, i think there's an inherent conflict. and the conflict is that the federal motor voter law does not require citizenship proof. there exists under federal statute already penalties for voter fraud. for voting when you're not eligible. and knowingly voting without being an eligible citizen to vote. those are in place as protections. this is not a widespread, huge problem. and like i said, the precedent being set here, especially when the court is on the verge of dealing with the voting rights act, the clearance under section 5 of which arizona is required
7:23 am
to preclear any election changes, any boundary changes, because of the historic pattern of discrimination and suppression of votes. >> congressman, in addition to this discussion that we're having right now on requirement of proof of citizenship, when we're talking about undocumented immigrants in the latest report, the plan that came out from the rnc, which we were just talking about which i think you're familiar with. on page 8 of it, it does say that it backs comprehensive immigration reform. that is probably one of the biggest parts of the report itself. what's your thought about that? >> well i think that, you know, the republican party and even its conservative base, some of its conservative base have come to the realization that this broken immigration system serves no purpose for the security or the good of the nation, economically and socially. and that there is an effort, both in the house and in the senate, to look at this opportunity we have in front of us.
7:24 am
try to craft something together that's bipartisan. try to compromise something. we have a chance here i haven't seen in the ten years i've been in congress. and i hope we all take advantage of it. >> are you comforted by those words that are in the rnc plan goes forward, what you're seeing on the hill? >> well, i'm comforted by the fact that we're meeting and there seems to be some consensus around the path to citizenship. some consensus about the dream act. some consensus about family unification. but as we go forward, there will be details, and i'm sure there's going to be debate. and i'm sure to that this process won't continue quietly. i think the opposition to immigration reform, it's going to rear its head. and it's going to be the same kind of statements that we heard in the past. us versus them. and try to make this a political issue as they have in the last four elections. >> i'll take that as a maybe then from you, congressman. >> a strong maybe. >> very good. thank you your time. like the house, the senate's
7:25 am
bipartisan gang of eight is reportedly close to finalizing a bill that will give both sides something to tout. it would require the 11 million illegal immigrants to wait a full decade for a green card. a point backed by republicans. but it shrinks the wait for citizenship two years. the senate proposal would allow immigrants to get to citizenship in 13 years, matching president obama's plan. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle. a new ride comes along and changes everything. the powerful gs. get great values on your favorite lexus models during the command performance sales event. this is the pursuit of perfection. we create easy to use, powerful trading tools for all.
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were some kind of test or someone trying to interfere with the voting system itself. but experts say this exposes the danger of putting voting systems online. you can read more at ms president obama has not picked a location yet for his presidential library. but that does not mean universities are not campaigning here. a group from the yurcht of chicago has traveled to washington to find out about building a presidential library. officials from university of hawaii have started a campaign as well. also meeting with people from the national archives. but the president has not made a decision yesterday. twitter founder jack dorsey told "60 minutes" his dream it to be mayor of new york city. he's better at communication on twitter than he is speaking in public. and if you're looking for a little fun. in washington, the house will vote today on a resolution to allow the capitol grounds to be used for a soapbox derby in june. [ male announcer ] i've seen incredible things.
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they're the republicans liberals love to hate. sarah palin and karl rove mixed it up. rove returned fire after palin took shots at him and his group american cross roads which hope to weed out of the candidates in the 2016 primaries. >> the last thing we need is washington, d.c. vegt our candidates. the architects can head on back to -- they can head on back to the great lone star state and put their name on some ballot. >> well, first of all, i live in texas. i don't live in washington. and second of all, i'd say if i did run for office and win, i'd serve out my term. i wouldn't leave office in midterm. >> ahh. the theater. let's bring in republican strategic rich galen, former
7:34 am
director speaker for newt gingrich we also have former governor ed rendell. when sarah palin was making her remarks, apparently atlugd karl rove. do most americans agree with sarah palin that karl rove is part of the problem, not the solution. >> that's the kind of snarky sarcasm that i think the country sees coming out of the republican party. it's not helpful. it's not forward-looking. there's no need for sarah palin to do that. she's a skill political person. she can make positive points instead of attacking karl rove. let me say this, on a bigger scale, the notion that somehow cpac is the republican of the republican party is just rough. it's just that they happen to have their convention here. they're easy to cover, so they get covered a lot. but cpac isn't the center of the
7:35 am
republican party. >> but, rich, you know, those who are watching, those who are persuadable might be watching cpac. and not be able to make the distinction you're just making when they put it all together and understand what the gop is. >> well, i have a higher regard for your viewers apparently than you do. you know, we have become very sophisticated consumers of news in america. political news. especially in america. so i'm not so sure that that's correct. >> okay. some of the smoke and fire issues there. governor, sarah palin delivered a bunch of zingers that was just one of them at cpac. here's another. >> more background checks, it should have started with yours, mr. president. oh, bloomberg's not around, our big gulp is safe.
7:36 am
we're cool. i can spot the liberal media folk here to write their annual conservatives in crisis story. mr. president, we admit it, you won. accept it. now, step away from the teleprompter and do your job. >> a lot of cheers there. what is sarah palin's cpac appeal here, governor, say about the struggle that the gop has to try to jell for 2014 and later 2016? >> well, first of all, i think rich is right, cpac does not represent the republican party. i'm not even sure it represents the conservative wing of the republican party. if you look at who has won that straw poll for the last four or five years, none of them are serious candidates for the republican party. that's number one. but the real thing is, the independent voter, the democrat, conservative up for grabs, moderate republican, they look at that and they kay seau my
7:37 am
party is whacked. my party is full of fruits and nuts. my party is full of people who can't focus on anything positive. who just have to be negative, tear down, battle, fight, never offer concrete proposals for getting the country back on track. and it means the brand. it's just like i think mitt romney was badly hurt by the primary fiasco where you had one bizarre candidate after another, taking the lead in republican favorability polls. i think it hurts the brand. it makes them look less serious. it makes them look less responsible and it makes them look a little whacked out. >> yeah, rich, how does cpac help the republican party here in the end then, based on some of the opportunities that the governor is laying out? >> well governor rendell is one of the poster children for what i think is right about politics. he was one of the best governors in american history. i think, another one was tom ridge. and the two things that they have in common is one, they were both governors of pennsylvania. and, two, they both had the
7:38 am
fortitude to not feel that they needed to buy in to a central liturgy of either the democratic party or the republican party. they did what they thought was right for themselves, moreover, for the people of their state. they need people like governor rendell and ridge who have the guts to say, you know what, i don't care about what they say about me at cpac or morph this is the right thing to do. >> go ahead. >> interestingly, i agree. but seriously -- >> the implements, right? >> yeah. seriously, i think that's a very good point. i think that's crucial for the republican party to understand. i think republicans had people like that. they were called dick luger and mike castle. and they had terrific people who didn't buy into a orthodoxy. the good thing about being a governor, rich mentioned tom ridge and myself.
7:39 am
you really don't have the luxury of a strict orangthodoxy. there's no democratic way to have good roads. or good state police force. you're almost forced to break away from orthodoxy. but the people who do that are going to be the most successful. had mitt romney campaigned in the general election as the way he governed massachusetts i think he would have won the election. he just got too trapped into the orthodoxy. and that's the pitfall. are they going to be trapped into the cpac of the party, and if they do that, they're not going to win another election. >> one of the things that people have to do, if you want to be the majority party, you have to understand that the edges will get further and further apart. but more than that, you have to also realize that you have to agree that you're not going to agree with everything that's at the other edge. but you're more likely to agree
7:40 am
with that guy than someone whose on the edge of an opposite party. but you can't demand that people hold almost a religious view of what you think is right. and if you don't think 100% of that, then you are my enemy. >> great discussion. thank you so much. i'm sorry i have to leave it there, guys. governor rendell, rich galen, thanks for your time. >> thanks. cheg the news feed four this morning. university of central florida has canceled classes and hundreds of students have been evacuated from a dorm while police investigate what they say is a suspicious death and several explosive devices. they responded to a 911 call at a dorm of a man who apparently committed suicide. during that investigation, they found a handgun, assault weapon and several i eds. the ntsb is on scene at southpointe, indiana where a private jet crashed. two people were killed on the crash. and two others in the plane were
7:41 am
hurt as well, as well as one person on the ground. authorities say the plane was experiencing trouble when it crashed into three homes. vice president joe sbiend in rome with meetings for leaders. the vice president meet with the italian president and the prime minister this morning. biden the first catholic to be elected vice president, leading the delegation. while some lawmakers say they're willing to compromise, house speaker john boehner doesn't seem ready for a grand bargain. adam shift joins me in about five minutes to talk about that. the island of cypress is making international waves. jackie is here. jackie, small island but big waves here? >> that's absolutely right. hi, richard. for one, europe had fallen off the radar for a long time and that's why this is getting so many attention. a lot of the reason that the dow had made this record run is because investors were hoping
7:42 am
that europe's debt crisis was resolved. with respect to cyprus specifically, e.u. has proposed a deal as part of the country's bailout. this marks the first time a european country is calling on its depositors to keep it afloat. it's also sparking concerns about a run on the banks in europe. because if depositors in other countries start to panic about a possible tax, they try to withdraw their funds you could see big problems for european banks. >> maybe this might help in a small way. talk about a billion-dollar business and that's college ball. >> that's exactly right. total ad revenue for the tournament surpassing $1 billion in 2012. making it larger than any other professional post-season championship. . that's according to cantor media. costing $1.4 million this year.
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7:47 am
plans this week. take a listen. >> i think republicans if they saw true entitlement reform would be glad to look at tax reforms that generates additional revenues. and that doesn't mean increasing rates. that means closing loopholes. it also means arranging our tax system so we have economic growth. >> but house speaker john boehner is digging in, not showing any compromise of taxes. >> president got his tax hike on january 1st. the talk about raising revenue is over. it's time to deal with the spending problem. >> i'm joined by congressman adam shift. congressman, thanks for being here. >> pleasure. >> when you hear speaker boehner at the moment coming out with very strong words not show anything nick in the front here. is this an opening bid and that he will compromise later on? >> i think that's what it is. this is his opening position, he doesn't want to move off it any
7:48 am
earlier than he has to. if he wants to make a deal, if this is going to be the grand bargain that he's going to have to give on revenue. so far, $2.5 trillion in deficit reduction. there's plenty of room to cut more. and plenty of room to raise revenue and that's part of any big package. >> you heard senator corker, lay ought, if they give this, we'll give this as well. entitlements is what he's saying on the democratic side. what would you be open to? >> i'd be open to reducing costs in medicare. i think the affordable care act made a good down payment that way in reducing payments to medicare advantage plans. we can reduce overpayments to pharmaceuticals. and we can put costs by focusing on making sure the services are deliverable rather than paying for the number of services. there are ways to bring down costs without attacking the benefits under medicare. social security, a little more difficult. i think many of us would support raising the lid at which payroll
7:49 am
taxes are paid into the system. that would help preserve social security for another generation. so there are changes democrats have been willing to embrace to reduce costs to raise revenues to support those programs. but we need a willing partner on the other side. and in the house we don't yet have that. >> grand bargain possible or who tall an order? >> it is possible. but it is a tall order. i think we have a limited window to get it done, probably over the next six months. i think the charm offensive that the president is facing has been successful. >> what makes you think it's successful? >> just listening the way the republican it's in senate have responded. the clip that you just played of senator coburn, i don't think we would have heard that absent the initiative that the president has taken. we need some courageous leaders in the house to step forward and say that they, too, are open to compromise and open to putting revenue on the table. but i do have hope that we can move forward. it really should be done. it shouldn't be rocket science. one last point, it can't be at
7:50 am
the expense of the economy and jobs. >> here's where both sides may agree. >> is he right that we did not have an immediate crisis. >> we did not have an immediate crisis. >> to borrow from the phrase from the fiscal commission, we're the healthiest looking horse in the blue factory. we see it coming we know it's irrefutably happening. a lot of folks worrying about that blue factory, congressman. the president said that crisis was a concern when he spoke to joe and mika early on. you said had said that was a concern. the president has changed his tone on that. why has he done that? >> well, the debt remains a concern-we've made a significant down payment with the budget control act, with the fiscal cliff deal and now with the sequester which i hope will have a short life. so we've made a significant dent already.
7:51 am
but i think the president is facing the priority of growing the economy and jobs, and that's where it should be. half of this year's deficit is attributable to people who are unemployed. if we can get people back to work, paying down the deficit. it's much better than an austerity budget. >> you're saying after two years things are definitely better now? >> things are definitely better now. the fiscal picture is brightening. things are brightening still. the last thing we want to do when the economy is poised to recover is throw another obstacle in the way. >> who are you calling for march madness? >> my team, stanford probably not having a shot. >> congressman schiff, thanks for stopping by. jim garrity says quote with st. patrick's hangovers and bracket fillings of march madness this isn't a productive day for our economy. with pantene.
7:52 am
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developing now on msnbc,
7:55 am
former secretary of state hillary clinton has formerly announced her support for same-sex marriage in an online video released just moments ago. clinton saying gays and lesbians deserve all rights of citizenship, including marriage. this announcement puts her in line with other potential 2016 presidential candidates including vice president biden nap video was released as part of americans for equality campaign. more with thomas roberts next hour. less than an hour from now, president obama is expected to announce his pick for the next labor secretary. the president will nominate tom perez head of the justice department's civil rights deposition. another controversial cabinet nomination that has drawn political criticism. nbc news white house correspondent peter alexander joins us right not. some say the hearings for perez will make the hagel hearings look easy. >> that's what we're hearing earlier today. to give you a sense, this dates
7:56 am
back to among republicans who go back to voter intimidation cases in 2008 of barack obama when members of the black panther party were outside polling places. and critics claim the obama administration has not been efficient in pursuing and prosecuting cases of that sort. and suggest that there continue to be these racial and political hostilities in the department that went back before even he was there. they began in the bush administration but the suggestion is he didn't do enough when he took overt civil rights department. >> peter, the president about to leave the white house to go to israel tomorrow for the first time as president. and he had said in the past that he only wanted to visit the country if there was something concrete to accomplish here. so is there, or is this more about optics? >> well are there's a lot concrete to accomplish. it's unlikely any of it will be accomplished during this trip.
7:57 am
he's only on the ground in israel 48 hours. he will make stops in the west bank. he'll first visit with benjamin netanyahu, the prime minister of israel, and then go to the west bank to have meetings with the palestinian authority mahmoud abbas. and he'll also stop in jordan having had a conversation with the former ambassador to israel, he suggested one of the real challenges for the president on the trip that will be defined or will be defined more by symbolism than by substance. according to him, the popularity rating of president obama among the israeli people, richard, hovers at about 10%. these are folks who are disappointed in what he's done as president and this maybe chance to reset that relationship. >> thank you, nbc's peter alex sornsd at the white house. that wraps up this hour of "jansing & company." i'm richard lui in. thomas roberts is up next. hey, everybody. the agenda, next hour, the much-hyped republican 2012 report is out. calls for sweeping reforms.
7:58 am
reince priebus declares it sound. and then style over substance. bill richardson will discuss president obama's first presidential trip to israel and whether it will help mend the thorny relationship with prime minister benjamin netanyahu. and then one day after two high school players found guilty of raping a 16-year-old, more charges and details at the top of the hour. so i recommended boost complete nutritional drink to help her get the nutrition she was missing. and now she drinks it every day. well, it tastes great! [ male announcer ] boost has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones, and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. and our great taste is guaranteed or your money back. learn more at [ dietitian ] now, nothing keeps mom from doing what she loves... being my mom. [ all kids ] twooooo! [ moderator ] you sure?
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